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Personal development, life coaching & business coaching. Virtual and in Munich.

About me

Déja you - back to you.

Nadim Komboz

  • Professional trainer (Systemic Coaching Training at CoaTrain. Recognized by the leading coaching associations DBVC and dvct).

  • Internal Management Consultant (Since 2017 at Commerzbank Business Consulting. From 2020 with Allianz Consulting)

  • M.Sc. Psychology & non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (bachelor and master studies in psychology in Munich, Hamburg and Granada)

    Empathy, tolerance and openness are the basis for me to accompany private or professional reorientations in a structured and fun way and to enable personality development.

My calling as a coach is to initiate and accompany personal change processes so that people can overcome their psychological barriers and unfold their inherent potential.

The fascination for the human psyche was the starting point for my psychology studies, internships in psychological and psychiatric clinics at the Department of Social Psychology and in psychosocial counseling.

In addition to valuable experience, I have been able to build up a broad network from which my coachees benefit directly or indirectly. I have expanded my theoretical psychological knowledge through my training with practical systemic methods and coaching tools.

Customer testimonials

déja you - back to you.

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  • Psychologist & lawyer in public administration
    Very sympathetic coach who takes a lot of time for his coachees.
    The cooperation was very pleasant, I came closer to my goal with big steps. Nadim takes a very structured approach to this and thus helps one to untie the various knots in one's head. At the same time, it is still flexible in order to "go with the flow" in new directions. Many thanks also once again in this way.
    Psychologist & lawyer in public administration
  • employed psychologist & psychotherapist
    Professional, enriching coaching in an empathic and humorous way!
    The coaching with Nadim was characterized from the first meeting by his empathic manner as well as his professional appearance. With his warm and humorous manner, he immediately creates a good and pleasant atmosphere for conversation. All of these qualities have provided me with the perfect framework to feel comfortable and open up without hesitation, even on very personal topics. The coaching helped me a lot to gain more awareness in decision-making processes and to face them courageously as well as to better perceive my own needs and limits and to be able to act accordingly. Nadim guides the content to the core of the question with structure and precision, providing various helpful exercises. This has clarified new perspectives for me and made it easier to implement them in everyday life. The coaching has enriched me very much, I feel encouraged and strengthened by it! A great coach!
    employed psychologist & psychotherapist
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    déja you - back to you. Personal development, life coaching & business coaching. Virtual and in Munich.